Kairos began in 1993 as the ensemble-in-residence at the newly founded Icicle Creek Music Center. In 1998, Kairos initiated the endowed chamber music residency at Central Washington University. Kairos has performed in Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada and across the United States. Committed to educating the new generations of chamber musicians, Kairos teaches at numerous summer festivals and holds a weekly chamber seminar at CWU. In April 2019, they will give concerts in Taiwan with pianist Moli Chiang. Kairos has introduced the great quartet repertoire to new listeners through a ‘Ten Quartets’ weekly series for the Douglas Honors College and many Introduction to Music classes. In addition to traditional concerts, Kairos attracts new fans of classical music through energetic live performances and juxtaposing great music with dance and visual art.

Kairos was a string quartet for 24 years and now highlights the rich piano trio and piano and strings repertoire. Violinist Carrie Rehkopf Michel and cellist John Michel are joined by world- renowned pianists Stephen Beus, Duane Funderburk, Eduard Zilberkant, Tatjana Rankovich, Roderigo Robles de Medina, violinists Kathryn Votapek and David Perry and violist Michelle Rahn. Enticing new audiences through unique collaborations, choreographer Shauna Goddard Barger, storytellers Claudia Solti, Moon Hi Hanson, Gillian Coldsnow and visual artists Rachel Hall Kirk, and Mellasenah Nicole join Kairos to stimulate imaginations.

kairos =”time outside of time”

Madeleine L'Engle

“Kairos” is a Greek word for non-chronological time, those special moments when a child is at play or artists are absorbed in their work, when time seems suspended.

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